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ARTICLE 1 - Scope

These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter "the Conditions") apply to the offer to rent Lodges (hereinafter "the Services") offered by the Société AU COEUR DES PUYS ("the Lessor") on its website Any order placed via this site by the customer results in its adhesion to their version in force on the day of the reservation. The Terms and Conditions are available to the customer on the website where they are directly available.

ARTICLE 2 Booking & rates

To place an order, the customer after filling his virtual shopping cart indicating the selected services, then click on the button "finalize my booking". The customer can check the details of his booking and its overall price. The booking confirmation implies the acceptance of the general rental terms and constitutes the contract. An e-mail confirming receipt of the booking request is sent by the Company. The rental rates are those in force at the time of the order, as available by the customer on the site. The rental rates are presented for each service in euro. Rates excluding tourist tax. Reservation changes may only be validated after acceptance by the Company and possible adjustment of the price.

The number of guests in the Lodges cannot exceed the number of persons booked and cannot exceed the maximum capacity of the Lodges: 2 to 4 persons maximum for the Relaxing Lodges and 2 persons maximum for the Stopover and Cosy Lodges. A child up to 3 years old is allowed in an umbrella bed.

ARTICLE 3 Online payment methods

Depending on the type of booking made, the price is payable in full on arrival. Only a CB card print is requested at the time of booking as security and deposit of the stay. In case of refusal, the property will be able to cancel this reservation. In all cases and in order to guarantee the reservation, the customer is asked to provide his credit card number, the transmission being in secure mode. The invoice is given to the customer on the day of his departure from the Lodge. The credit card used for the reservation must be presented by the customer at check-in. Otherwise, a new credit card will be requested to make the payment on arrival. If the stay is taken over by a third party, the Société Au Cœur des Puys will ask for the necessary documents to secure the transaction. The Company also reserves the right to pre-approve the customer’s credit card at any time prior to arrival. The print on the credit card is used as collateral. Any damage, theft, violation of internal regulations, etc. will be charged to the customer according to the scale indicated on arrival and displayed at reception. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Eurocard Mastercard. It is also possible to pay by cheque holiday paper and connect or in cash. Non-payment will result in the immediate eviction of the customer subject to legal proceedings for the settlement of his debt.

The Company will make available to the customer the Lodges as chosen by the latter with their interior fittings; namely, beds and mattresses, bed and toilet linen, decoration, air conditioning and lighting. The Lodges are also equipped with comfort accessories such as coffee maker, television, microwave, fridge and high-end furniture. From the beginning of the rental, the customer is responsible for the rented Lodge and its accessories and covered by his civil liability. The customer undertakes to return the rented Lodge and its accessories in the condition observed at the time of its arrival. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the kitchen area. Maintenance fees (50€) may be charged on departure day if necessary. Any lost or damaged items must be reported to reception during the stay or on the day of departure and may be charged. The customer will be required to pay a deposit at the time of the rental amounting to 200 € which will be held by bank card impression and will be automatically cancelled within 30 days from the departure of the customer except in case of damage or unpaid. In case of deterioration of the rented Lodge or its accessories, the subsequent replacement will be invoiced to the customer at the cost of purchase of the new product; the deposit being charged on the amount due. Under the rules of procedure, it is forbidden to smoke or use an electronic cigarette inside the Lodges, to use candles or other combustible materials (stove, oil lamp, barbecue, etc.).

ARTICLE 4 Booking Conditions
For any booking, the customer declares having read and accepted the terms of sale present on the site: Access to the Lodge takes place between 4pm and 7pm. No arrival possible before 4pm, unless agreed by the Company. For an arrival after 19h, please contact the reception the day before the stay.
The Lodge rental ends at 11:00, regardless of the customer’s arrival time. At the time of departure, the guest must return the key of his Lodge to the reception. He is forbidden to bring anything belonging to the establishment, under penalty of invoicing.

In case of non-compliance by the client with the establishment’s rules of procedure, (available at the reception, on the website, in the lodges), the institution will invite the client to leave the establishment immediately, without possible reimbursement. By accepting the booking conditions, the customer accepts the hotel’s internal rules. 

During the duration of the stay, the guest must ensure the tranquility of the rental and use it according to the destination of the place. The customer must respect the number of persons provided for this purpose. As the Lodges are built on private land and not fenced, guests are asked to limit their travel to the vicinity of the rented Lodge in order to guarantee the tranquillity of the owners and the neighborhood. Guests' cars will be parked in private parking near the rented accommodation.

ARTICLE 5 Modification and/or cancellation of a reservation

Cancellation clauses:

Free cancellation up to 32 days before arrival.
After that, the fees charged will be progressive depending on the cancellation period:
- 31 days before arrival, 30% of the total amount of the stay will be charged.
- 8 days before arrival, 60% of the total amount of the stay will be charged.
- 1 day before arrival, 100% of the total amount of the stay will be charged. In case of no show, 100% of the total amount of the reservation will be charged.

Cancellations and/or modifications of reservations may be permitted.

For any stay cancelled within 7 days before the date of arrival, interrupted or not consumed for any reason whatsoever, the entire amount of the booked stay will be due or will remain acquired by the Société Au Cœur des Puys.

At more than 15 days of the stay, the modification of the dates of stay can take place free of charge, depending on availability, on the current calendar year only. If the amount of the reservation after modification turns out to be lower than the amount of the initial reservation, no refund will be possible. If the amount of the reservation after modification proves to be higher than the amount of the initial reservation, the additional costs will be borne by the customer.

For early bookings, if the change occurs less than 90 days before your new stay date, the benefit of the initial discount will be lost. A rate increase will be applied.
Less than 15 days before the stay, the date of the stay cannot be changed.

The modification and/or cancellation of a reservation is firm and final only after receipt of a confirmation by email from the Company. The date of receipt of the request for modification and/or cancellation (e-mail and telephone) is the date chosen for cancellation.

In case of no-show by the guest at the property and in the absence of cancellation regardless of the total amount of the reservation, it will be kept by the property via the security card fingerprint. Furthermore, for a stay of at least 5 nights, in case of no-show of the guest on the first day of the stay, the property is not required to keep the Lodge for the remaining duration of the stay. The client is asked to plan an arrival at the establishment from 4pm and before 7pm and to inform the establishment, in case of late arrival, under penalty of being considered as not having arrived on the first day of the stay. Late arrivals or early departures are not refundable under any circumstances.

In case of no-show, the property requires the entire stay and will have the possibility to re-rent the lodge. In case of modification during the stay the establishment requires 100% of the stay. The property has the possibility to rebook a Lodge without delay in the following conditions: Cancellation by the customer/ Modification of the reservation by the customer/ No presentation by the customer/ Error by the customer when taking the reservation, on dates, quantity, the capacity or type of Lodge.

ARTICLE 6 - Cancellation of stay by Au Coeur des Puys 

The cancellation of a reservation by the customer will only be effective after confirmation by email of its consideration by the Company. However, the occurrence of force majeure has the effect of suspending the contractual performance of the prevented party. Thus in the event of cancellation by both the Company and the customer for cases of force majeure, that is to say an unforeseeable event, irresistible and external to the parties making it impossible to perform the service, the Company will be obliged to offer at the end of the event of force majeure to the customer a credit note corresponding to the amount of the said reservation which must be used within 12 months of its edition. If not used, the total amount of the reservation will be retained by the Company. This provision is strictly applicable and may in no case be applied outside the case of force majeure. It is specified that if the cancellation is related to circumstances independent of the Company Au Coeur des Puys and/or related to a force majeure event, no compensation will be due to the customer.

ARTICLE 7 – Security

The Lodges were built by HEDONIA®, a company specialized in the construction of leisure accommodation. Lodges are easily accessible by straight stairs. Lodges are equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Remember that it is forbidden to smoke or use an electronic cigarette inside the Lodges, to use candles or other combustible materials (stove, oil lamp, barbecue, etc.). Electric thermal appliances (oven, hob, toaster, etc.) other than those already supplied in the Lodges are not allowed. The consumption of alcohol is under the responsibility of the client and prohibited on the site outside the rented Lodge and its private terrace. The use of the equipment and among others the Spa is under the sole responsibility of the client. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable in the event of an accident occurring during the rental period. The Spas des Lodges Détente are available to guests who have booked this type of accommodation. The use of the spa is unattended, each client being responsible for ensuring his own safety as well as those of the persons placed under his responsibility. In particular, minors will be under the full responsibility of adults accompanying them during their stay. They must always be accompanied both inside and outside the Lodge and especially at the Spa. Under no circumstances should they be left unattended or unaccompanied by responsible adults.

The property has a video surveillance system within the bike/motorcycle garage and parking.

ARTICLE 8- Liability - Insurance

The responsibility of the rented Lodge is transferred to the customer as soon as it is rented. The customer must take out the necessary insurance and in particular a civil liability contract during the duration of the rental and justify it on request of the Company when entering the Lodge. The Customer may be liable for any loss relating to the Lodge or its accessories owned by the Company and for any accident occurring during the rental period.

In case of deterioration, the management reserves the right to charge the client the cost of the repair or replacement, for a rehabilitation in order to be able to re-lease the Lodge. The same applies to any infringement found after the client’s departure. The property reserves the right to collect the amount of damages incurred at the Lodge upon departure. This amount will be taken from the bank print provided on the reservation. The establishment will have no obligation to notify the customer but can provide an invoice on request. the amount of compensation will be charged directly to the customer’s card or to the deposit left.

The Company accepts no responsibility for the theft or loss of personal effects held by customers within the Lodges. The property may charge a cleaning fee of €60 if the Lodge is left in a condition that will be deemed inappropriate. In general, the customer will have to settle the damage caused directly to the Société Au Cœur des Puys. He can rely on his insurance (if he wishes to be reimbursed) for all the voluntary or involuntary damages he will cause during his stay.

The Lodges are non-smoking. For additional cleaning costs, the Company reserves the right to request the amount of the one-night rental. In case of non-compliance with the institution’s internal regulations (available on site and at, the customer will be invited to leave the institution without being able to claim a refund.

ARTICLE 9 – Applicable law - Language of the contract

By express agreement between the parties, these general rental conditions are governed by French law. Only the French text shall be authentic in the event of a dispute.

ARTICLE 10 – Jurisdiction

For all disputes relating to sales made by the Company and the application or interpretation of these General Conditions of Sale, the customer must address in priority to the Company AU COEUR DES PUYS SASU by registered mail with AR at the following address:

SASU Au Coeur des Puys

Impasse des Quatre Routes,

203 Impasse de la Ribeyre

63210 Nebuzzo

In the absence of an amicable settlement, all disputes will be submitted to the competent courts under the conditions of ordinary law. The client is informed that he can in any case resort to conventional mediation, in particular with the Consumer Mediation Commission (Consumer Code. art. L 612-1) or with the existing sectoral mediation bodies, or any alternative dispute resolution (such as conciliation) in the event of a dispute.

ARTICLE 11- Acceptance of the rules and general conditions of sale

All bookings are subject to hotel regulations. Any stay implies the acceptance of the general conditions and the internal regulations Au Coeur Des Puys. In case of non-compliance with these provisions, the reservation will be immediately terminated.


Creation of a residential leisure park
"AtHeart de Puys" in Nébouzat

The project's objectives:

- installation of three chalets with private terrace, including two chalets equipped with a spa,

- installation of two hotel modules with private terrace,

- development of a point ofwelcome,

- creation of a car park and pedestrian access to accommodation,

- landscaping

This operation is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD): Europe is investing in rural areas.

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