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The mule path:

The Sentier des Muletiers is the old path that led thepilgrims  at the temple of Mercury, god of travellers, merchants and thieves, this large temple was an important place of worship for the Gallo-Romans. Its remains were discovered in 1872 during the construction of the observatory.

6km from the car park of the departure station.

Between 1h30 and 2h

350m drop

1465m high


The ascent of Puy du Sancy via Mont-Dore

Hike can be difficult but oh so satisfying since at the top you can see 1/7 of France. Between waterfall and valleys you will have the opportunity to cross the nature reserve of Chastreix Sancy.


About 3.30h 

546m drop

1849 m high


The Loop of the Domes

With your backpack on your back, discover the Boucle des Dômes over 2 or 3 days to discover the Chaine des Puys by hiking on the volcanoes.  The departure is at Panoramique des Dômes station in Puy-de-Dôme.


Between 2 and 3 days

1278 m of vertical drop

1415m high


The GR 30 Tour of the Lakes of Auvergne

Why not let yourself be tempted by a real 9-day road-trip in the heart of the Auvergne lakes? Starting from La Bourboule in the Sancy massif, you will share your hike between the highest peaks of Auvergne and the discovery of small typical Auvergne villages.


9 days


1886m high


Salian waterfall

It is the meeting of the Gigeole and a lava flow:
The Gigeole, a tributary of the Sioule, meets the Olby Flow to the north, north/west of the village of Nébouzat at the level of the village of Saliens. She thus creates the cascade of the same name.

Located in the town of Nébouzat (63), the Saliens waterfall is to be discovered thanks to a small walk. Thanks to the volcanic walls that are covered with vegetation, the site of the Salians waterfall offers a colorful and exotic setting.

less than 1km

20 minutes round trip

881m  high


Le Puy de Pourcharet

Located south of the Chain of Puys, the Puy de Pourcharet (1,164 m) is a strombolian volcano that has a crater of about 50 meters deep.
Although it is not possible to climb this fully wooded building, its volcanic forms can nevertheless be admired from a hiking path that bypasses its base.


5.5 hours walk

365m height difference

1054m high


The nature reserve of Chaudefour

Ridge towers

From the reserve house


5 to 6 hours of walking

900m drop

1200 to 1800 m altitude


The GR 30 Tour of the Lakes of Auvergne

This family walk, with many panoramas, provides access to the puys de la Vache and Lassolas, twin and remarkable volcanoes. The surrounding landscape consists of bombs of cooled lava scattered on a soil composed partly of pozzolane.

4.5 km


285m height difference

1179m high

lac servieres (lever de soleil).jpeg

The GR 30 Tour of the Lakes of Auvergne

Nestled in the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Natural Park, at 1202 metres above sea level, the lake formed in the crater of a volcano.


50 minutes

28m height difference

1200m high

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