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Sels de bain


Enjoy the spa on the terrace from your lodge

Eachpremium lodgeis equipped with aupscale spasheltered and private, on the terrace with aunlimited access.

Ideal for a moment of relaxation for two or for aprofessional massagedirectly in your lodge orson its terrace.

The massage session can be ordered when booking online or by contacting us up to 48 hours before your arrival subject to availability.

Our partner offers several types of massages

Price: 80€

Duration: 60min

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the relaxation massage par excellence. It deeply relaxes while fighting against stress and toxins. This massage is characterized by tonic movements, deep in the muscles. It allows relaxation but also regeneration and harmonization of the nervous and endocrine systems.

Intuitive massage
custom made

Intuitive massage allows you to reconnect the body and the mind, to feel in your body, to become aware of it, in its contours, its depth, its warmth, its weight and sometimes its blockages, its tensions, its fragilities. It is an essential basis for psycho-corporal support.


Soft, enveloping and fluid protocol in the rhythm and sequences from head to toe, allowing to bring a global relaxation  promoting letting go and a general state of well-being.

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